Cuore Sportivo is an elite workshop, offering car lovers and worldwide collectors with complete car maintenance, repair and restoration services and solutions. The workshop, established in 2015 by Busso, a gifted auto mechanic, holds special expertise in the restoration of old time Italian cars, mainly Alfa Romeo and Fiat.
Cuore Sportivo's comprehensive services includes implementing street performance improvements and tuning, importing parts for all kinds of cars and consulting services for buying classic and old time cars abroad. For further information about our wide-range of car maintenance, repair and restoration solutions, please contact us at and we will get back to you shortly. 


Cuore Sportivo started as a small car repair, maintenance and restoration workshop located in the garage of the company's owner, Busso, in Karmiel, Israel.
As our greatest love is old-time cars, the lion's share of the workshop's projects focuses in full-scale restoration of old time Alfa Romeo cars.
The workshop co-operates with numerous garages, workshops and providers around the world that sells diversified kinds of improvements and parts for every car.
Cuore Sportivo holds a big inventory of equipment and materials needed for installation of street performance improvements and tuning like stability improvement products (shock absorbers, lowering springs, antirolls etc.), ecu management programs, engine performance improvements, detailing, bodywork and interior car restoration.

Special Projects

Cuore Sportivo takes a great pride in its unique projects, mainly the restoration of old-time Italian cars, including the implementation of exterior and interior renovation and performance improvements.
One of our latest projects took almost a year and focused in the restoration of a 2002 Alfa Romeo 147.
The car, which entered our workshop in very bad condition, was fully renewed, exteriorly and interiorly, including:
1. Modifying a new engine
2. New electricity wiring
3. General bodywork
4. Installing some street performance like:

  • • Modified Koni shock absorbers
  • • Lowering springs
  • • Eibach antirolls
  • • 18" original Alfa Romeo rims with a rear cambers
  • • 225/40/18 wheels